How far does the impact of the films you have studied for this topic depend on distinctive uses of film techniques? [35]

One scene that depends on distinctive uses of film techniques is the scene where li’l Ze invites other character Steak and fries to hang out with gang. Theres a long shot of the Hoodlums walking along the hallway by the run down apartment and we can see that they are behind the bars and this shot shows that these people are stuck and trapped with the City of God and that they are never going to get out alive. This same shot has been used other times too; all these actions of these different characters have different reactions. When Steak and fries was asked when can see through his facial expressions that he is excited to be apart of the gang but as this happened he is being sucked into the Hoodlums  and he’s living his life on the edge of the knife. Because steak and fries went out he shot a runt and became a hoodlum he chose the path and now he’s taking it and now he is stuck down it.

The next shot shows Li’l Ze and his gang cornering two of the runts in the pig pen, and we the audience or put into that situation through the use of the camera: as the camera is handheld it puts the audience within that seen as part of the gang, the scene adds to the sense of verisimilitude. The camera’s angle show that Li’l Ze is the person with the most power within the scene the low angles put him with the most power.




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