La Haine – short task

Hopeless – No matter what Said, Vinz and Hubert do they would always be the minority and they will always be stuck in the project so they become hopeless because their social situation will never change.

Pessimistic – Said and Vinz only see the worse in the world; they don’t think they have a future in anything so they see the bad things. the only person that might not be pessimistic is Hubert as he different and sees things differently to his friends and he has a future in boxing.

Real – La Haine shows the social situations with France, it’s social realism, it shows the real side to France and show the minorities have been put into ‘the project’ into Poverty; when we think of France we think of the posh side and the Eiffel tower the upper class as these are the popular iconographies. So watching this film is an eye opener.

Tense – Just between the three best friends Said, Vinz and Hubert its tense at every point within the film there is a tense atmosphere between two of the three characters



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