Item 1:’Avengers’ (2012) – director: Joss Whedon

I have chosen ‘Avengers’ as my focus film as Black Widow has been sexualised for the purpose of the male gaze. When we are firstly introduced to her in the film she is tied up and wearing slightly revealing clothing while being interrogate. Also the only main/strong female character is Black widow; there is other female characters however they play smaller parts.

Item 2:’Avengers: age of Ultron’ (2015) – director: Joss Whedon

This item is similar to item 1 in as this film sexualises and shows the character Black Widow as weaker character, and is not as good as the men, the outfit that she wears is skin tight and is for the male gaze. Also this film failed the Bechdel Test, it only passed 1 out of the 3 of criteria.

Item 3: ‘Iron Man 3’ (2013) – director: Shane Black

This film was originally scripted to have a leading female villain however that character’s role were reduced and the villain was changed to a male; this is because Marvel scrapped the director’s idea and told him that they wouldn’t be able to sell as many toys. Also the film posted that was made featured the character Peper hugging Tony Stark and playing the damsel in distress and the submissive character. However there is a similar  poster as the ‘Thor: the dark world’ one is just the same layout.





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